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System furniture with the message "creation is infinite possibility"

TOYODA PRODUCTS has been an office equipment manufacturer since 1946, bringing together creativity, development capability and production technology to create and offer in-house products such as office goods and furniture that everyone wants to have.
We developed an innovative joint that can simultaneously fasten and disassemble 5(max) pipes of different direction by turning one screw, which is named "Creas system". Everyone can easily assemble and disassemble this system, and can enjoy your own design for office · home · shop · display space. It can be reformed as many times as you need according to diversifying lifestyle and work style changes. Please use this system to create original space for only you.

"Creas" is a Furniture system of high construction effciency. Our joint system can simultaneously fasten and disassemble 5(max) pipes of different direction by turning one screw 90 degrees. What's more, it has high flexibility of design and size. it is an innovative sysem responding to sustainable and flexible office planning and town development, considering large-scale events such as Olympic games or disaster area support,

TOYODA PRODUCTS has a headquarter and a factory preparing comfortable working environment on the site of Kiryu surrounded by rich nature comparable to the foot of North Alps. Based on the philosophy of "Human Respect", we keep on going to become "Company worth to exist".

With its bright history of receiving certificates of international quality management standard ISO 9001, international environmental management standard ISO 14001 and Good Design Award etc, TOYODA PRODUCTS, in the 21st century, continues to expand its business to the other areas beside office equipment and furniture, and develops by repeating innovation.

Address 3-800-3 Aioi-Cho, Kiryu City, Gunma, 376 - 0011 JAPAN

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